Clicks First Grade games and activities to compliment instruction.

Clicks - All Grades

Portaportal Reiss

Grammar Games
Nouns and Verbs

Reading Games
Mrs. Antoine Picks

Reading Resource Wonderful site that has categorized the games by reading skills.

Meddy Bemps Learning Activities

Roy the Zebra Interactive reading games. Note: Some of them require you to purchase them but there are still a lot of free resources.

Berenstain Bears - PBS

Smart Tutor

Sight Words
K5 Stars Sight Words Sentence Builder
Sight Word Buddy
Sight Words with Samson

BBC Spellits
Primary Games - See and Spell


Meddy Bemps write with a quill

Compound Word Game

Contraction Game

Vocabulary.Co.IL Activities


ICT Games

Story It Various word work games. Word construction etc.