Traci Blazosky Wiki Interested in incorporating technology in your classroom? This is a good place to start.

Free Technology 4 Teachers Another good site to get you started.
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Todays Meet

meet_me_at_the_corner.pngTake Virtual Videos through videos created by students

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Jen Wagner Jenuine Tech encourages teachers to use online projects in their classrooms.
Currently registered for the Good Deed Doers and How 'Bout Them Apples Project

Voice Thread
Ms. Slay's Class online project with Jenuine Tech using Voice Thread - Coming Soon



Ms. Slay's Class Very Own Classroom Blog

Deer Park Tech Wiki

Eduscapes Kids Activities Activities geared for SmartBoard

Go Animate

kerpoof make a movie, picture, story. Spell a picture!

Creaza You can create online thinking maps on this site.

Technology Integration Awesome techie link with lots of ideas and tutorials

Movie Maker Project Checklist


Speak Write 101